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The CACRC is a nonprofit organization committed to both e-scrap reduction by decreasing the stream to landfills and to providing refurbished computers and equipment to schools, nonprofits, and low income families. The organization accomplishes this by electronic refurbishment and recycling-including collection, sorting, dismantling, refurbishing, data wiping , sales, and donations.


As an e-scrap refurbisher and recycler, the CACRC is dedicated to the safe management and environmentally-conscious recycling of e-scrap. It is our mission to push for accreditation at the highest standards, and we have accomplished and maintained this with an annual certification of international standards set by the Responsible Recycling(R2) Practices program.

R2 is one of only two accredited certification standards that exist for electronics recyclers, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In implementing this rigorous materials management strategy, the CACRC is the only non-profit R2 certified recycler in Louisiana. The CACRC has been R2 certified since 2012.

Data Destruction

The R2 Standard requires protection of confidential and personally identifiable information on electronic devices, and adherence to the top industry standards for data sanitization. All hard drives are wiped to NIST standards or crushed with our secure/compliant hard drive “Data Destroyer” or our AMS 150 Hard Drive Shredder which satisfies the most stringent government and industry standards. The CACRC will provide your organization with a Certificate of Destruction. The PD-4 and AMS 150 meet NIST, HIPPA, PCD-DSS and GLBA compliance and guidelines requiring destruction of data contained on hard drives. DSCN1254

If you are interested in donating equipment or want more information on our certification, please contact us at (225) 379-3577 or email us at

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Due to increased cost associated with responsible recycling, note the following fee updates:

$10 recycling fee for standard printers

$25 recycling fee for large printers