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Big Ideas for a Small Planet Recycle Electronics


May, 2016 in “The Good Life” Business Beat Section

“The Neighborhood and our community as a whole have a great drop off center to responsibly recycle old electronics. Lots of big cities do not have this ! Plus a fun place to browse in our store for refurbished electronics – – laptops , desktops, flat screen, monitors, vintage audio – – is just minutes away. All those old phones, cords and electronics that you are storing can be recycled” said Nancy Jo Craig, Executive Director.

April 27, 2016 “DIG” A Stitch In Time : The Best Of All Things Vintage

“Best Place for Vintage Tech” “As an environmental ‘green’ company, we recycle everything from vintage electronics, gaming and music/audio equipment to refurbished electronics donated by businesses, schools and the public”, said CACRC Assistant Director Shannon Fish Fertitta. “We carefully test and refurbish material that is then sold through our storefront, eBay sales, Craiglist or our shopify store on Facebook”.

March 16, 2016 “Business Report” Business Section

“The non profit E-scrap organization generates part of its operating expenses with online sales of computer parts, ram, high-end desktop computers and other specialty electronics…. At CACRC’s demanufacturing station, they take apart non working computers, then hard drives are destroyed and parts are sorted and sent to downstream vendors or recyclers”

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