CACRC is backed by our R2 Certification, that we consistently meet the standards for year after year. R2 Certified recyclers and refurbishers comply with all the requirements of the R2 standard, which was developed by the EPA, major manufacturers, and recyclers to protect the environment, workers, and data security. The PD-4 and AMS 150 meet NIST, HIPPA, PCD-DSS, and GLBA compliance and guidelines requiring destruction of data contained on hard drives.

More and more businesses and government agencies are entrusting their decommissioned electronic equipment to R2 certified recyclers because they recognize the value of protecting their brand and bottom line from data breeches and environmental liabilities stemming from improper disposal of their IT assets.

The R2 Standard requires protection of confidential and personally identifiable information on electronic devices and adherence to the top industry standards for data sanitization.

All hard drives are wiped to NIST standards or crushed with our secure/compliant hard drive “Data Destroyer” or our AMS 150 Hard Drive Shredder, which satisfies the most stringent government and industry standards. The CACRC will provide your organization with a Certificate of Destruction.

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